Your Social Media Marketing Daily To-Do List

If you do any sort of social media marketing, you need a list of tasks that you can implement on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to help you get the results you want for you or your clients.

There’s always the real risk of forgetting some things as you will have some other things jump out at you while you’re in the middle of your social media tasks. Having checklist helps minimize distractions and ensures that you get your tasks done very quickly.

The following are a few daily to-dos if you want to succeed at your social media marketing efforts.

Listen to Brand Conversations

As a social media marketer, one of your key roles is to consistently be on the lookout for whatever people are saying about your brand. So, always make sure to listen to brand mentions and conversations.

It’s easy to track these with the plethora of social monitoring tools on the web. This is something you must do daily as catching a potentially negative trend could save your firm millions of dollars in damages and lost business.

Communicate with People

This should be done in the form of email replies, social account replies, retweets, sharing great posts and so on. If your brand is prominent enough, you could easily receive a slew of messages in your inbox on a daily basis.

Learn to differentiate the important ones from the unimportant. Answer all enquiries and concerns. Also, look at comments from your audiences and see if there are potential issues. Reward good comments by acknowledging them and do everything to undermine negative comments –particularly when there’s no clear reason for the negativity.

Analyze Your Social Media Metrics

Become best pals with your analytics. Watch and monitor your campaigns to see how much reach your posts get, how many retweets, shares or likes, or how many pins. Most importantly, look at how well your campaigns are performing.

What are your conversion rates? How many leads and prospects are you generating for yourself or your client from your campaigns? See if there are things you can do improve your results and generate even more business.

Watch Out for Damage Control Situations

As a social media marketer, chances are that you would need to fight a few fires every week. So, make out time to look for possible issues, altercations and negative publicity surrounding your brand.

The best way to tackle this is to spot it before it gets out of hand. But in the event that you can’t, do everything you can to calm nerves and settle issues amicably. Always take customer dissatisfaction issues offline and resolve it privately.

Connect with More Individuals and Brands

Look for social influencers in your niche and start reaching out to them in the hopes of forming an alliance. More brands are now paying social influencers more money to help get the word out on their business and increase their brand’s visibility on the social media network.

This is not surprising seeing as studies like the ones here and here have shown that brands are consistently getting between $9 and $20 on every dollar spent on social influencer marketing. Use tools and platforms like NeoReach to connect with these people and use their influence to spread the word on your business and brand.

Boost Your Brand’s Image on a Daily Basis

Spreading the word about your brand’s products is a daily task and job for you. Therefore, you must always make that a priority. We’re not saying that you should go out and spam people’s feeds, all we’re saying is do your marketing and brand publicity through the posting of content and fan page updates among other things.

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