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Get Acquainted: Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Floor, hailing from Denmark give you the kind of melodies that take to a peaceful place. Almost like new version of the Beatles with a Coldplay twist! Believe me you will definitely enjoy when you listen to this band, they are amazing. Their song “Written In The Cards” brings to life a soft and rhythmic tune that keep your ears buzzing the whole time. A little background info about Vinyl Floor is, the band was formed in 2007 and consists of the two brothers Thomas Charlie Pedersen and Daniel Pedersen and the longtime friend and colleague Rasmus Bruun.

The Album Peninsula gives you the means to feel their music in a way that truly is inspiring. They collectively have produced songs that truly warm the spirit and tells a story!


The sound is very much their own but the style is primarily drawn from the melodic and energetic 60’s/70’s and likewise from the edgy progressive rock of the 90’s. The band combines symphonic and grandiose expression with the urge to write melodic songs, always non-compromising and exploring new frontiers.Vinyl Floor has an official homepage. You can have access via or

This Band is definitely “SPACED OUT MAGAZINE APPROVED” 

Check them out on Reverbnation

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