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Get Acquainted: Skey Gone Grey

The idea that became Sky Gone Grey was a recurring thought tucked away for years. Sky Gone Grey is the studio project of Mike Vaughn (Dante‘s Closet, One Dying Breath). The idea began after Mike moved back to his hometown of Coos Bay, OR in February of 2006. Mike had been learning to use different recording software to record with and thought about ideas for circulating his music.

He continued to work on his abilities throughout his time in One Dying Breath and picked up some tips while recording the album Son Of Seed. In 2010, after One Dying Breath split up, Mike started recording Sky Gone Grey’s first demo. Done mostly acoustic, the demo was originally recorded to catalog his music. In 2011, Mike created a myspace for the project and posted music. Mike does all the recording, graphics work, and plays all instruments.

Sky Gone Grey sets a mood with each song and allows the listener to really feel the music. Life, death, insanity, broken hearts, and more are subtly and artfully conveyed through voice and instrument alike. Mike’s guitar work has been compared to Christian Death in Modus Operandi, a local Coos Bay scene publication. In One Dying Breath, Mike was able to share the stage with many great bands including Slick Idiot, Floater, Ascension EX, and many more. While Mike’s work with Sky Gone Grey is currently a studio only project, a live representation is anticipated in the future.

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