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In the summer of 2010 4 Cottage kids ages 13-16 escaped boredom by banging on some instruments in the Burt’s shed in Bayfield. 13 Year old Jake Dunning went home at the end of the summer, put fingers to keys, crafted rhythms on guitar, and put pen to paper. Cranking out 12 tunes in as many months they found they had enough material to take it on the road and into the studio.
Two days after Jake’s

 14th Birthday they recorded their mini EP Penny For Your Thoughts which was released on Nov 15 2011. The EP included the singles Mary-Lou, 40 Nights and Homeless. The Band decided that they would raise money for the Homeless through sales of their single Homeless on iTunes. Receiving National radio play and an interview on the Roy Green Show they took it one step further and held their First Annual “Donations at the door” fundraiser, raising money and donations for the Burlington Food Bank. They continue to grow as a band and look forward to playing more live music and getting back into the studio.
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