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Get Acquainted: Elypsis The Architect


“Spaced Out Magazine Approved” Our favorite was a musical production called “wicked Games”. There dubstep perspective of music might just change dance for the nation! Is there a story behind your name -Elypsis The Architect? Well, of course.

I originally chose Elypsis because the definition of the word indicates the requirement for a slight pause after any statement… When this idea is applied to music a musical statement, it is where the sound can be appreciated from silence, “Elypsis” implies that silence is as important in music as sound, then I guess I changed the i to y, because I want to be cool. I later on added the “The Architect” because I am a musical architect, creating and engineering blueprints from the harmonious combination of sound and silence. “Elypsis The Architect…”

Currently “Elypsis The Architect” has been releasing fresh new creations consistently. Spending countless hours mastering musical software, requiring only the cleanest, highest quality sounds with his unique addictive timing, “ET Architect” is dedicated to creating and producing the most needed, enjoyable, fresh flowing music out there. What sets this producer aside from others is not amazing talent, and ear for weirdly addictive timing, or his consistency… it’s his inability to cease; his ability to learn , and his way of evoking emotion like no other.

Expansion of mind is based in new experiences; a musical experience is extremely powerful. Welcome to the -NewAge- Experience

Check them out here:

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2 Comments on Get Acquainted: Elypsis The Architect

  1. This guy’s a complete and total fraud. More like “Elypsis the Asshat.”

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