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Get Acquainted: GILLIGAN and the PROFESSOR


Let’s see where to begin? Hmm, well i think for starters this group has a sound of definite electric guitars, and nice bass which sounds very well composed. No really, these guys are great they remind me of a nice blend of blink 182 with an old yet new feel. There genre is Alternative Rock , but I’m thinking it’s far more. I think as an artist they develop a live sound which is great, but they also have fun with there style which is key. We deem these Rockers “Spaced Out” !

Gilligan and the Professor started as most awesome things do, over diet coke and nachos one fateful saturday night. An idea was floated about the four of us working together to mask our collective wish to write poetry with music thereby making it altogether more lyrical and masculine in nature. Music being something that we’ve grown up on since the very beginning of when each of us started growing up and over the years its been one of our best companions. A few weeks later we had established our first rocking area in a basement giving us the title to one of our earliest song ideas “Basement Dreams”. Little by little we became more and more attached to this idea of becoming something more than four guys in a room and started recording what we were doing for the eventual pipe dream goal of becoming massively famous and that those originals might be really cool to some musical historial who decided to write his thesis about the origins of our band.

Check out there music right here:

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