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Get Acquainted: Farin

Farin is definitely a creative blend of Reggae, Hip Hop, and Rock? Yea you were like what? Well, to be honest they have great production and a unique sound which could be captivated as, “some of the best movie music out there”. Believe me when i say this artist and this band mates blend each element together perfectly only bringing you a nice melody. Be sure to check them out on!

Farin, (pronounced Far’-in) is a truly unique artist. His story is a perfect example of how the disparate elements of modern life can combine to create distinct and sometimes unlikely creative expressions. Little Rock, Arkansas was the start of Monty Rateliff’s musical journey. Growing up in middle America exposed him to classic Blues, Rock, Soul and Country & Western. It was only a matter of time before the revolutionary music of Jamaican Reggae artists, like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, captivated him and provided an impetus to express conscious lyrics that provoke thought and inspire action. In pursuit of his musical vision, Monty went to Jamaica and was rewarded for taking his bold steps of faith. He found Love and got married; stayed in Montego Bay for a while before moving on to his wife’s home of Kingston.

It was in Jamaica that he was given the name Farin, which is a patois expression for an American. Farin recruited the talents of Grammy Award winner Daryl Thompson (who has worked with Sly and Robbie and Peter Tosh) to expertly craft a solid foundation for the “Policy” Album. Completing the production team was David Ampong to handle the engineering and mixing. Farin produced all the tracks, with the exception of ‘One Miatellya’, produced by David.
While the music is primarily rooted in Reggae, it incorporates a panorama of other worldy influences that give it a distinctive, cosmopolitan sound. Farin fuses traditional Roots Reggae instrumentation with the sequencers and samplers, common to dance hall and hip- hop.

Check them out right here:

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