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Get Acquainted: Amphibeus Tungs

These musical geniuses from Maui have what we would call a inspirational mix between hip hop, island, and Hawaii style music. There collection of music is very riveting in some cases rare. Most would say there style that of old school hip hop with deep thought lyrics, like that of original MCs. These artist have been co-signed by Spaced Out Magazine, so there you go! Marching hard from the island of MAUI, HAWAII. Amphibeus Tungs was created in 1999 by emcee’s Quest Eons, Beau Sun and musical superpower Doc.

Platypus for the sole purpose of forwarding the movement of life, culture, rhythm. Growing from battle emcee’s to full blown composers of words they strive to keep originality and integrity a part of modern day music. Amphibeus Tungs is far more then a rap group, they represent the Nation of Hawaii, the People, and the struggles the people of Hawaii face in everyday life.

2004 brought a new twist to A.T. Welcoming Jai Freedom Lewis (beats&mind), turntablists Jay Peace Pipe and Pazzes 1. With the new additions to the group they are now a complete wrecking ball of original BOOM BAP but yet on a vibe the world has not heard thus far. From then till now A.T. has been putting in work, making moves and earning more respect for Hawaii HipHop day by day. Now, Set up shop in the central hub of the nation, Denver Colorado big things are unwinding at an alarming rate. About to set the world on fyah, The Tungs are on a level like never before…. Ready to kick the sand off their feet at every venue they step into. 2012 is a time of the Rise Of Hawaii…

Known for their strong song writing ability and heavy stage presence, their live show is of caliber matched by only a few!!!!! With thier fan base growing rapidly they are an entity you are not to miss!!!!! Amphibeus has rocked with legendary artists ranging from Underground HipHop to Rap groups known world wide.

Check them out right here:

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