Direct TV Customers on Rampage over Channel’s Lost

Direct TV


Recently there has been a “blackout” people say for “Direct TV”! Yesterday possibly even before, channels where knocked by Viacomm sinceDirect TV didn’t agree to there new found agreement. This agreement proposed that Direct TV give a outstanding 30% increase or 1 Billion more dollars, to continue to service 17 channels that Viacomm owned. Since Direct TV apparently didn’t agree these channels where stripped and taken from the homes of more than 20 million viewers.

Below there is an angered customer who is threatening to leave Direct TV unless they resolve the issue!


Direct TV Complaint by Islanderone

Direct TV can attempt to sway the blame of the lost channels to Viacomm all they want.Direct TV , like all service providers, have to purchase products from other companies to be able to provide their own service. In this instance, Direct TV purchases channels from Viacomm.

The loss of channels is not the problem of Direct TV customers, but the problem of Direct TV, and they need to fix the problem. I have been a Direct TV customer for over 10 years, but will not remain a Direct TV Customer if this problem is not resolved the the VERY NEAR FUTURE. 1de0fd1

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